Types of Fences

There are many types of fences out there. At Chattanooga Building Co, we love traditional fence styles, but we adore modern and unique designs too!

Our team’s primary goal is to satisfy your wants and needs. If you have a specific vision for your new fence, we are all for it! Simply said, our team isn’t afraid to experiment with styles and materials to make your dreams come true. To get inspired and learn more about fencing, read about the top fence types at Chattanooga Building Co:

In the beginning, people used hog-wire panels on animal farms. Today, this type of fence is the next big thing in landscaping design. Homeowners love it because it provides nearly unobstructed views and is the perfect mix of vintage style and elegance. At Chattanooga, we install hog-wire fences with small and large squares. A small square can be between 1×1 and 4×4 inches, and it is a recommended choice for keeping smaller pets safe inside.

The larger the square is, the more you will enjoy the view. That’s why a large square hog-wire fence is the ideal choice for homeowners who prefer open views. But, whether you choose small or large square hog-wire, you won’t go wrong! They are both great for pet owners who like a rustic aesthetic. Plus, you can spice up the fence by adding a kickboard, using the fence as a trellis, or creating a hog-wire staircase if your house is on a hill.

Probably the most sought-after fence is the vertical wood privacy fence. Privacy fences will keep you safe and comfortable because they completely block the view. They can do wonders for homeowners who want minimal interaction with neighbors and enjoy a more private and relaxing life.

For style, wooden fences work great with traditional and nature-oriented homes. However, there are so many types of wood with different colors and grain patterns. With so much variety, you can find a match for any type of home.

If you like wooden privacy fences but don’t like the idea of vertical planks, the solution is super easy – install a horizontal wood privacy fence. It’s a modern twist on a typical fence, so it will definitely turn heads in the neighborhood.

Just like the vertical wood fence, it will keep you protected from curious eyes. Plus, the horizontal boards will visually expand your backyard. They can make it seem wider, which is amazing for smaller properties. However, keep in mind that horizontal fences are more difficult to install on sloped ground.


Because this type of fence has only top and bottom rails, it looks like a picture frame. It’s also known as the “good neighbor fence” because, just like the shadow box fence, it looks the same on both sides. Picture frame fences have a unique style, but you can always add more spice with decorative elements like gothic pickets or lattice


For homeowners who like to have privacy but like to experiment with design too, we suggest the shadow box privacy fences. They are similar to the other types of fences, with one important difference: the boards are placed on both sides of the rail instead of one. With this design, you get the privacy you crave, but also a more dynamic design and a bit more breeze.


Some homeowners dislike large fences, mostly because they want to showcase their beautiful backyard. If you are one of them, we recommend installing hog-wire or short vertical fences. Even the short fence won’t stop people from looking at your backyard, it will bring many benefits. The most important ones are keeping pets inside, improving curb appeal, and increasing home value.

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