7 Unique Fence Ideas

Good fences make good neighbors, so can you imagine what amazing fences make? Instead of installing a typical fence like picketed or arched, why not opt for an original and modern design?

If you want to turn your neighbors’ heads and liven up your backyard, check out these 7 unique fence ideas:

Metal Roof Panel

The key to finding a unique fence for your backyard is thinking outside of the box. Try to experiment with materials and their common usages. For example, instead of using metal roof panels on the roof, use them to build a fence. You can combine the panels with wooden elements or paint them over so they match your siding.

Hogwire With String Lights

Nothing says “unique” like converting a farm fence into a chic backyard feature. All it takes is to spice up the original design with colors, modern decorations, or plants. Our favorite ideas are hogwire fences with attached string lights and hogwire fences as lattices for vertical gardening. Simply put, it’s a beautiful addition to nature-oriented homes with a vintage aesthetic.

Perforated Copper Fences

For those of you who love the industrial design style, we recommend the perforated copper fence. Copper is a wonderful material because it adds a unique shine and it is rot proof. Copper is also very flexible, so don’t be afraid to experiment with shapes and sizes. For example, you can elevate your copper fence by choosing a basket weave design. It’s simple, whatever you dream of, we can make it happen!

Etched Metal

Some homeowners want to go all-in when experimenting with fence shapes, so a perforated metal fence is not enough. If you are one of them, we recommend etched metal fences. There is a variety of designs you can choose from, but if you are good at drawing and crafting, you can also create an etching design from scratch.

Natural Stone Walls

If you are a fan of the medieval aesthetic, a stone fence might be the perfect option! Besides high visual appeal, a stone fence is also eco-friendly, easy to maintain, and durable. To make the most of it, you can combine it with wooden planks, or choose a unique design like gabion walls. However, before you choose stone, have in mind that these fences can be difficult to alter, repair, and move.

A Wooden Combo

Every material is beautiful in its way, but wood’s visual appeal is difficult to surpass. Whether red cedar, pinewood, or oak, a wooden fence can beautify every type of landscape. But, if you are truly want to make a statement, opt for a combination of vertical and horizontal planks. By creating this unique pattern, you will enliven your backyard and still keep your loyalty to the wooden aesthetic.

A Bamboo Screen Fence

A bamboo screen fence is ideal for homeowners who prefer an oriental and eclectic style. It can help you create that private oasis you have been always dreaming of. For a modern twist, you can mix the bamboo panels with fences like gabion, concrete, and other wooden fences. But, the cutest is combining bamboo frames with live bamboo fences. It will push the boundaries between natural and constructed fences. Plus, bamboo bushes are fast growers and provide excellent coverage.

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7 Unique Fence Ideas

Good fences make good neighbors, so can you imagine what amazing fences make? Instead of installing a typical fence like picketed or arched, why not

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