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5 Design Ideas for ADUs in Chattanooga

The residential community of Chattanooga recently had a joyous moment. The city finally approved ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units).Thousands of families can now reap the benefits of adding secondary properties to their primary homes.

Now that you can build an ADU, you are probably wondering which features to include and which design to choose. If you want to get inspired, read below and discover the top 5 design ideas for an ADU in Chattanooga.

A Comfortable Home Office

Having private spaces within the home is more important than ever, especially if you are working remotely in a large family household. However, converting your ADU to home office can help you get the privacy you deserve. 

To make the most out of your new home office, make sure there is enough access to sunlight. You should also put special attention on choosing furniture as comfort is crucial for a home office. For creating an even better atmosphere, you can even include nature-inspired features like water fountains, indoor gardens and nature-patterned wallpaper.

Boho Guest House

Because of lightweight materials and bright colors, boho décor is ideal for cities like Chattanooga where summer seems to never end. For a boho guest house, you can use glass pane walls to make the most out of the Tennessee sunlight, and combine them with native-inspired textile, hand-woven baskets, and chic art. 

If you decide to go boho, remember to use tons of warm-toned and natural materials (light wood, ceramic, and stone), highlight unique patterns and materials, and include a mini backyard or terrace in front of the ADU.

Rustic Art Studio

The space in your home can quickly become too tight if you are an artist or have an interesting hobby. So whether you are a painter, an amateur woodworker, or a writer; a rustic arts & crafts studio in your ADU might be just what you need!

Just like boho design, rustic spaces require more natural materials, especially wood and ceramic. However, to achieve an authentic rustic feel, you should also try to repurpose old items like chairs, photo frames, tables, and tools.

Spa Paradise

Unfortunately, more and more people are having a harder time relaxing. Stressful situations are as common as “good mornings” and this can seriously impact someone’s mental health. To minimize stress in your daily life, we suggest you customize your life at home as much as possible. 

A great example for this is using your ADU as a mini spa center or a space for relaxation. This is very easy to build and it is definitely worth the effort since you’ll be able to pop into your private spa whenever you please. 

Besides converting parts of your ADU into a spa, you can also include reading nooks, Jacuzzis, plunge pools, rocking chairs, or small movie theaters for making the most out of the experience.  

Chic Rental Space

Luckily, the law in Chattanooga allows homeowners to rent their ADUs. This is a great way to make extra monthly income, which you can freely use to pay off your ADU. However, keep in mind that designing an ADU for making rental income is completely different from designing for your own pleasure.

In this case, it’s advisable you check out recent market trends and include all necessary amenities such as kitchens and bathrooms. You can also consult professional real estate agents and contractors. This will help you get into the project with a clear head, and a good grasp on budget and expectations.

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