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The benefits of building smaller to start

Did you buy a lot in a friendly neighborhood and are confused about your next steps? Are you thinking of building a house in Chattanooga? Then, this is the right article for you!

Before you start browsing house design styles or colors for your exterior walls, focus on your goals and needs.  Start with the size of home you want to have. Both big and small homes have their pros and cons. The choice you make should depend on your values, plans for the future, and needs.

To gain a deeper perspective, read our text below. We will explain the benefits of building smaller to start.


As the world is becoming more eco-conscious, many landowners want to contribute to reducing pollution and saving the environment. If you also value sustainability, building smaller to start is the way to go! Firstly, by building small, you will preserve more of your land’s natural surroundings. Secondly, you will end up using much less construction materials.

An extra tip: To make the most out of your new sustainable home, use eco-friendly materials.

Shorter time for construction

It’s simple math. A smaller house will take much less of your time with the design and construction process. If you invest in a larger building, expect the process to last up to a year. That’s why going small is a great option for homeowners who want to move into their new houses as fast as possible.

Cost efficiency

If you play your cards right, building small can become a goldmine. By using less labor and building materials, you are cutting costs right from the bat. However, to make the most out of this situation, think of using more affordable materials, or more practical solutions like investing in prebuilt plans and smaller prefab homes.

Keeping your options open

As the years go by, people change. If you like something now, it doesn’t mean that you will like it in the future. Maybe you will want to have more bedrooms instead of a larger living room, or maybe you will want an extra balcony. Sure, you can remodel your home ten years from now, but why give “future you” an extra task?

Building smaller to start is perfect for homeowners who have big ideas and frequently change their minds. They are also great for homeowners who don’t have any big plans for the future. The type of people who go with the flow. If you fall into that category, building small will help you keep your options open, without restricting your future needs.

Spending more time outdoors

Some people want to spend time inside their homes. Others are in love with nature and can fully relax only when they are outdoors. A smaller build will help you make the most out of your outdoor living space. You can create a garden or a relaxing entertainment area around a fire pit or a pool. And with our lovely Chattanooga weather, it’s always smart to leave at least some space for outdoor home activities.

We hope this article helped you make the right decision for your new home. Give us a call if you have more questions about your new Chattanooga home.  

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