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Analysis: How ADUs Helped a Community

It’s no secret ADUs are gaining popularity among homeowners. And why wouldn’t they? ADUs offer countless benefits, from increasing home value to providing extra living space. However, one of the best things about ADUs is that they can be put into good use for communities.  

Read on to discover how Los Angeles improved their community with the help of ADUs.

Los Angeles ADU Program

Considering the advantageous nature of Accessory Dwelling Units, many cities decided to create ADU programs. Their goal is to solve housing shortage and help communities get their life on track.

Take Los Angeles for example. Some years ago, the city with the biggest housing crisis decided to use ADUs to their advantage. So, today, they offer a variety of programs that help tenants and residents. The city’s involvement guarantees a safe and reliable process, making sure people have access to quality housing while guaranteeing payments to homeowners at the same time.

ADU Standard Plan Program

One of the latest ADU programs Los Angeles offers is the  ADU Standard Plan Program. This allows homeowners to choose a pre-designed ADU. Then, a city-verified construction company builds the ADU on the homeowner’s lot. 

Two major advantages that come out from this program. First, the review process is shorter. It can last from a day to only 6 weeks. So, right from the start, cost of administrative tasks is greatly reduced. 

Second, homeowners get a guarantee that a high-quality construction firm will build and design their ADU. There’s no room for error, scams, and costly mistakes. Instead, homeowners are always backed up and protected by the city.

LA ADU Accelerator Program

Recently, the city also launched the ADU Accelerator Program. Through the program, seniors can pair with homeowners who have an ADUs. 

All homeowners receive the same rent amount that is calculated based on the size of the ADU. For instance, a one-bedroom ADU costs $1,765 per month while a three-bedroom ADU $2,735. However, the renters only pay 30% of their income for rent while the city takes care of the rest. 

With this program, people get access to affordable housing and homeowners always get their rent in time. In addition, the original look of neighborhoods is preserved. To motivate homeowners further, the city takes on even more responsibilities! They find adequate renters and shorten and simplify the application process. 

The Results

Since Los Angeles has started this innovative approach to their housing crisis, 22% of all new building permits are for ADUs. This means extra rental income for homeowners as well as safe and affordable housing for thousands of people. To put the cherry on top, these types of programs strengthen community bonds and build long-lasting empathic relationships. 

You can find tenant and resident stories that prove the benefits of such ADU programs. For instance, Rosia is renting her ADU to a senior couple through the Accelerator Program. Her past experiences with renting through Airbnb proved unreliable and tiresome. She had to work another job to cover expenses. 

But with the program, she gets a fixed amount each month. This helped her gain the needed financial stability. What she loves most about the process though is that she is helping a wonderful couple live their best lives. The experience makes her feel complete.

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