If you love the idea of a privacy fence but want to add a unique flair to your backyard, the best option is a shadowbox privacy fence. Just like other types of privacy fences, this one secludes your property and protects it from unwanted gazes. However, it also has many benefits that other privacy fences simply don’t have. Here is what you should know:


From afar, this fence might look the same as a traditional vertical wood fence. But as you come closer, you will notice a unique and dynamic design, not found on many properties. Basically, the shadow box fence is also made of wood, but fencers attach boards on both sides of the rail. This way, the fence looks same on both sides and is appealing to you and the outside world.

Because of this unique design, the shadow box fence creates an unusual dynamic between sunlight and shadow. One part of the fence looks normal, but the other one looks like it emits light. Is there a more poetic way to seclude your backyard? We doubt it!


As we mentioned, shadow box privacy fences have certain special qualities that most fences can only dream of. Just like every other privacy fence, they will provide privacy, but they will also provide a unique view and increase curb appeal. Some other notable benefits of these unique fences are:

  • Weather-resistant – Because of their atypical design, shadow box fences will allow breezes and winds to pass through. Besides providing a calm breeze in summer, this will also prevent a disaster during storms and strong winds. Because the fence has gaps between boards, a strong wind will pass through instead of putting pressure on the fence and eventually destroying it.
  • Long lifespans – A shadow box fence is not as vulnerable to sagging as other wood fences. The main reason for this is the evenly distributed weight on rails. This quality is extremely important, especially if you want your fence to last a lifetime. To make the most out of shadow box fences, you can choose pressure-treated wood and regularly maintain the boards throughout the years.
  • Customizable design – The team at Chattanooga Building Co can create a shadow box fence out of any type of wood, whether it’s cedar, redwood, or cypress. We will help you choose the right color and staining to match your exterior. Plus, you can expand the pickets to highlight a unique design, or you can level them and add a decoration on top. Our favorite design is a shadow box fence with lattice and vine plants on top. Whatever you dream of, we can make it happen!

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