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Outdoor Design Trends: Essential Backyard Features for Spring/Summer 2022

Spring is here, and Summer is right around the corner! Now is the perfect time to upgrade your backyard for 2022. To help you get inspiration for your spring backyard renovation, here are 5 essential outdoor space features for 2022.

Garden Studios

While more of a home addition than a feature, au pair studios are the future of backyard design. They increase visual appeal, home value, and practicality while adding a unique touch to your outdoor space. Plus, you can decide to rent your granny flats through Airbnb and earn some extra income through the years.

Whatever architectural design you choose, make sure your new backyard addition connects to the rest of the house through a patio or unique stepping stones.

Custom Made Fences

What’s essential for backyard design in 2022 is authenticity and personalization. This year, one of the most popular outdoor features is a custom-made fence.

Custom fences allow you to create the yard you’ve always dreamed of. Maybe you’re looking for protection that will take your space to a whole other level while blending in with the rest of the environment at the same time. Perhaps you’re looking to be welcoming while keeping your kids and pups safe. Regardless of your needs, the Chattanooga Building Company can hand-craft the perfect fence for you.

Comfortable Furniture

Living in such a beautiful town, we want to spend our free time outdoors. Some homeowners are even transforming parts of their backyards into home offices and dining areas. However you plan to use your backyard from now on, we recommend putting comfortable furniture first.

Furniture items like rattan, egg chairs, swing porch beds, and modern sunbeds are ideal for simultaneously increasing visual appeal and comfort. You can elevate your outdoor living space by adding unexpected furniture pieces like round sofas, curved benches, and canopy beds.

Water Features

It came as a surprise to many designers that water features were rated high on the list of essential backyard décor for 2022. But when you think about it, nothing beats sitting on your outdoor sofa on a sunny day and hearing a gentle and calming stream of water near you.

Installing a typical fountain isn’t the only way you can incorporate a water feature in your outdoor space. You can also opt for pools, outdoor showers, hot tubs, koi ponds, vertical fountains, garden creeks, and our favorite – cute birdbaths. The possibilities are limitless.


Garden pergolas are a timeless backyard feature, so it’s no wonder why they are still trending in 2022. They are the best feature for providing a stylish shade. To get the most out of your pergola, we suggest choosing a design that matches your home’s unique style.

You can also refine this backyard feature by planting climbing vine plants, creating green tunnels, adding furniture below it, connecting it to an entrance, or decorating it with art, curtains, and other types of fabric.

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