Even though the simple hog-wire fence was primarily used on farms, today it is widely used in regular households. This type of fence can come with a chic design, so it might just be the modern feature your backyard needs. The team at Chattanooga has vast experience in installing hog-wire in homes. We have even used hog-wire on sloped properties, successfully creating the exciting “staircase effect”.



Before we install hog-wire in your backyard, you have to make some decisions. But don’t worry, we are here to help you make the best choices for your property.

As you might already know, hog-wire fences can have small or large squares. By squares, we mean the empty spaces between the welded steel rods. A fence with smaller squares is better for protecting smaller pets and it prevents more debris from entering the property.


On the other hand, large squares are much better for enjoying nature and unobstructed views. For example, if you choose hog-wire with large squares and a thinner gauge, you will have a clearer view of what is going on outside your backyard. If you look at this type of fence from afar, it will even seem like there is no wire between the rails and posts.

But a thicker gauge means more protection.


Hog-wire fences with a thick gauge can fight off stronger wild animals and keep you and your family safe. The same goes for hog-wire fences with smaller squares. So in the end, what you choose depends on your needs and preferences.



Keep in mind that people invented hog-wire fences for managing and protecting their livestock. So, whether with small or large squares, this type of fence is extremely durable and strong. Plus, the posts aren’t nailed in the ground. They are enclosed with cement which immensely increases the fence’s overall strength. Other notable benefits of hog-wire fences are:

  • They provide a beautiful view
  • More affordable than other types of fences
  • Flexible and easy to install
  • They increase curb appeal
  • Easily customizable
  • They can be used as a base for a vertical garden/ live fence


Hiring experienced and certified fencers is the first step to making sure your new fence stands the test of time. Contact the team at Chattanooga Building Co if you are ready to build life-lasting fences, and make your landscape, a dreamscape.

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