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How To Style Your Porch Or Deck For Fall

Each weather season is beautiful in its way. Fall is perfect for cozying up and watching your favorite TV shows or trying out exciting new coffee recipes. It’s also the ideal season for redecorating your home! We suggest starting with the porch or the deck, as they are the most inspiring spaces for fall design.

From outdoor rugs with unique patterns to pumpkin décor, there are a million paths you can take with decorating your porch. If you are feeling overwhelmed or are wondering how to begin the amazing and exciting journey of styling your outdoor living space, read our guide below:

Look For Inspiration

Inspiration doesn’t come to us if we don’t look for it first! For those who still don’t have a clear vision for fall decorations, we recommend writing all the things that have dazzled you in the past, whether it is wood window shutters or screened-in porches.

You can also visit Pinterest and Instagram or follow design channels on YouTube to push your creative ideas to the next level. Save everything that catches your eye or even print it out to create a fun mood board. The mood board will help you determine your style preferences and find the ideal décor for your outdoor space.

Choose a Specific Style

The key to a successful redecoration is to stick to one or two design styles. Sure, you can choose eclectic design and mix things up, but be careful as you don’t want to over-decorate or create a confusing and uncomfortable space.

Instead of buying some random furniture and décor that matches nothing else on your porch, create a thorough plan and stick to your initial vision.

You can start by choosing a color palette, some unique pieces you want to highlight, and the overall layout of the space. Don’t be afraid to experiment and switch up your design by repainting your front door, screening in the porch, adding a fireplace, or creating a DIY wreath.

Make Sure You Are Comfortable

Comfort is super important in chilly autumn days. So for most of us, the perfect autumn porch includes cozy blankets, radiators, and warm cups of coffee. But there are several ways you use interior décor to make your porch or deck more comfortable in the fall. Here is what you should consider:

  • A screened-in porch – This design solution will protect you from bugs and debris, and allow you to truly enjoy your porch in autumn and winter.
  • Cozy and fluffy rugs – Besides keeping your feet warm, a fluffy rug will increase visual appeal. But try to find a rug that’s specifically made for outdoor usage.
  • String lights and lanterns – Without cute artificial lights, you won’t be able to enjoy your porch or deck during nighttime. The more unique the design is, the better for your porch.
  • Comfortable furniture – Whether it’s a swinging chair or a soft vintage sofa, you need to have cozy furniture in your outdoor living space. It will not only increase curb appeal, but it will elevate your entire experience.
  • A treat for your pets – If you have a dog or cat you love with all your heart, why not invest in cute pet décor? You can add a fun pet house on your deck or a dog door with a unique design.

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