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How To Host Thanksgiving Outdoors On Your Patio

Fall is already here, and Thanksgiving is near! We can hardly wait to spend an entire day with family and friends, and what better way to show them appreciation than hosting Thanksgiving at home? In fact, why not shake things up a little and host Thanksgiving on the patio? If you love the idea but are afraid that it’s tough to organize, read these 7 tips on hosting Thanksgiving outdoors:

1. Use Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

From BBQ grills and pizza ovens to beer fridges and warming drawers, it’s time to bring out the big guns! Outdoor kitchen appliances will not only create a more intimate and family atmosphere, but they will also make hosting more practical. This way, you can prepare some dishes outdoors while entertaining guests. Some outdoor-friendly meals are stuffed or grilled vegetables, sausages, corn on the cob, and dinner rolls.

2. Make Everyone Smile With Cute Decor

Nothing creates the perfect Thanksgiving atmosphere like cute décor! You can choose the classic aesthetic like warm colors, autumn-inspired patterns, dry flowers, and pumpkins. However, we encourage you to try something different and creative, like including family memorabilia in your décor. Your guests will definitely remember such a gesture for many years to come.

3. Keep Your Guests Warm

As a host, your number one priority is keeping everybody comfortable. Yes, the weather in Chattanooga is warm, but we all know that fall and winter can be difficult sometimes. You never know when rain or cold breezes will come knocking at your door, so just in case, have portable patio heaters and fire pits by your side.

4. Think Of Pets And Children

Every pet owner adores pet-friendly places, just like every parent loves child-friendly ones. Make your dinner is entertaining for everyone by including activities for children like arts & crafts challenges, leaf gathering and wreath making, or a Thanksgiving piñata. You can make your dinner more pet-friendly by creating pet zones, preparing pet-friendly dishes, or even adding toys like tether tugs and DIY dog ball pits.

5. Create Unique Gift Baskets

All of us love gift baskets, but recently they are becoming so much popular! To show your guests you truly care for their happiness and wellbeing, create personalized DIY gift baskets. You can even include blankets, cozy pillows, and mugs which they can use during dinner.

6. Showcase Your Best Pieces

Do you have a tablecloth with a cute pumpkin pattern, a cozy sofa chair, or a dining set that’s been in your family for generations? When you are the host of a party, it’s your time to shine! So bring out everything you have on the table! The point isn’t to brag about your belongings but to share nice things that all of you can enjoy.

7. Don't Be The Only Cook

What’s the point of hosting a Thanksgiving dinner if you are always busy with cooking and prepping? So cut yourself some slack and order some dishes from a restaurant, whether it’s the desert, the turkey, or side meals. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to spend quality time with your friends and family, and appreciate the wonderful dinner you organized on your patio.

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