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How Hog-wire Can Make a Landscape, a Dreamscape

Do you want to give your backyard a special treat? Do you want to transform your landscape into a dreamscape? We recommend a hog-wire fence. This modernized farm fence will protect your home, keep pets safe, and beautify outdoor space. 

What Is A Hog-Wire Fence

A hog-wire fence has horizontal and vertical steel rods that are welded at 90-degree angles. Some hog-wire fences have metallic posts and rails, but most residential ones use natural wood instead. 

At first, people used the hog-wire fence in zoos and farms. But today, these fences are a landscaping trend. They are an amazing alternative to chain link fences, especially when it comes to style. Here is a more detailed comparison between the two:


The most obvious difference is visual appeal. Hog-wire can make any garden look like paradise. It’s the perfect combination of wood and metal, simultaneously providing unobstructed views and stability. 

Hog-wire is so appealing that you can use it as a decorative feature or a trellis. Imagine jasmine, clematis, vine, or potato climbing up next to those wood rails! Plus, you can choose our special offer at Chattanooga Building Co – a hog-wire fence with attached string lights. We doubt there is a more authentic option for your backyard. 


Both hog-wire and chain link are durable and will keep your pets safe. However, chain link fences are interwoven and most aren’t welded.

Like chain link, hog-wire can corrode in certain climates, but unlike chain link, it cannot break or fall off that easily. This is amazing for dog owners since your dog can freely explore the backyard without you worrying about safety.

The View

DSC05436 scaled

Sure, chain link fences provide views with little obstruction. But who wants to look at reality through metallic diamond shapes? With a hog-wire fence, the wires easily blend in with the landscape. Also, instead of metallic posts and rails, you can opt for natural wood like redwood or pine. This way, the fence will complement the scenery, especially for homes in idyllic spots like forests, hills, and waterfronts. 

Is Hog-wire The Right Option For My Home

If you have a lovely dog you want to protect but also want to enjoy the scenery around your house, hog-wire is truly the perfect option. However, there are no general rules for picking fences. The best thing to do is to follow your instincts!

Whatever you decide at the end, we can make it happen! At Chattanooga Building Co, we are ready for every challenge, whether you want to build a patio roof or install a hog-wire fence on a steep hill.

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